Available Projects

  • Project Academic Knowledge

    Tap into the wealth of academic content in the Microsoft Academic Graph. 10,000 transactions per month, 3 per second for interpret, 1 per second for evaluate, 6 per minute for calcHistogram.
  • Project Answer Search

    Enhance the user search experience of your sites and applications by instantly answering queries with relevant facts and results from across the world wide web. 1,000 transactions per month, 7 per second.
  • Project Event Tracking

    Find events associated with Wikipedia entities. Begin with a Wikipedia entity, and receive a list of related events organized by time. 30,000 transactions per month, 1 per second.
  • Project URL Preview [deprecated]

    New sign ups are no longer being accepted. Easily inform your user’s clicks by enabling the creation of web page previews from a given URL or flagging adult content to suppress it. Using Bing’s powerful search index, Project URL Preview quickly provides a URL’s page title, brief description, and the most relevant image. 1,000 transactions per month, 1 per second.